What I Do

I offer copywriting, media relations and PR, audio-visual production, management of content, journalism, social media, integrated campaigns and communications strategy. I also run media training, and training in copywriting, case studies, storytelling, interviewing skills and creativity.

I work with specialists such as graphic designers, digital strategists, photographers and film makers. I can pull together the skills you need but with less cost and fewer overheads than an agency.

Storytelling runs through much of what I do. I create effective stories and strategies across marketing and media platforms, including digital channels.

What is your organisation’s story? I help you bring your strategy to life by finding and telling the stories at the heart of your organisation. Stories engage and motivate your audience like nothing else. Do your stories reflect your brand, messages and the outcomes you want?

Real stories of customers or service users are one of the most powerful ways to engage audiences. I specialise in working with beneficiaries / case studies / real life stories. I can help you build up a bank of stories backed up by robust processes and policies internally. I’m a specialist in working with vulnerable people with sensitive stories.

I’m a sharp copywriter with a strong background in policy, science and research. I can turn complex information into accessible, engaging and newsworthy communications. I can pick the news headline out of a technical report and have plenty of experience across social and environmental issues.

I’m keen to offer significant discounts to charities based in the developing world (copywriting, messaging, case studies and online story training).

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