Stories or Case Studies

Case studies / real life stories / beneficiary stories… nothing sells your cause better. Studies show that one strong personal story is often the best way to sway donors, engage customers and capture national media attention. They appeal to the heart.

I’m a specialist in personal stories and storytelling. I look for those ‘lump in the throat’ stories and angles that really engage audiences.

Your stories should be powerful, relevant, authentic and ethical. It also helps if they are flexible and can be used across communications channels – they need to work in media, marketing, fundraising, across integrated digital outputs.

You often need good stories for specific campaigns, but customers and supporters also expect regular inspiration in social and other media. They want to see the real face, the real stories of your organisation.

A bank of stories
Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to focus on building up a collection of powerful stories, but they’re worth the investment. I can help you create a bank of stories that will have lasting value. I can advise on ways of storing, organising requesting, keyworking and using the stories. Well-managed strong stories can be used many times, over several years ethically and effectively. This should include digital assets such as film and photography.

Case study systems and strategy
I can help you create clear internal strategies, policies and systems that gets everyone on board internally. In some organisations, service providers are understandably very protective of the vulnerable young people or adults they help. Robust policy and processes that include clear data protection, consent, safeguarding and other ethical issues tailored to your organisation promote trust, confidence and sharing internally.

Most charities know that GDPR is changing how data is collected and used. Data protection is tightening up and fines for breaches are set to increase very significantly.

Audits and reviews
I can audit your story, film and photo resources and recommend strategies and systems. Are your communications assets targeting your brand messages? Could you organise your resources better so they meet your needs and service user needs better? What are risks with regard to safeguarding, consent or data protection? Often colleagues speak more freely to an independent consultant about their needs and concerns.

Tips, toolkits and training
I can train and support staff so they feel more confident in producing strong, ethical stories. I can provide tips and info packs tailored to your organisation.

Sensitive stories
I have a background in psychology and science, and have worked extensively with social workers, psychologists and counsellors in difficult situations. I led NSPCC’s work with sensitive stories for six years. I can tailor policy and training to your sensitive stories. I’ve worked with stories of abuse, trauma, serious illness, disability and palliative care.