Here are some of the talented people I work with and recommend.

John Grounds
After 25 years working at the highest level with some of the UK’s leading not for profit, public and private sector organisations, John brings objectivity and common sense alongside a drive to help organisations achieve and exceed their aspirations for social impact. John works directly with senior leadership and engages with staff and stakeholders to identify and address the underlying strategic questions and challenges facing organisations. He uncovers key insights, working collaboratively in the developing strategies, structures and solutions your stakeholders believe in.

Deborah Gilkes, Zeborah Graphic Design
Deb has over 20 years graphic design experience, working with clients in Australia and the UK such as Amnesty International and Penquin Books.

Kitsy Kinane, PR Consultant
Kitsy has worked  in senior positions and as a consultant for charities and local government for over 15 years, developing and implementing powerful PR strategies.

Layton Thompson, photographer
Layton has a wide range of experience with charities and businesses in the UK and abroad. See: