Copywriting, Editing & Messaging

Writing is in my bloodstream. I can help you cut the waffle, rev-up the relevant and make your copy sparkle to get the attention of supporters, fundraisers and clients. I’ve been a professional writer for over 20 years with a grounding in award-winning journalism.

I can also help you refine the storytelling and messaging of your brand so that your charity stands out in the crowd.

I can find a headline in a technical report and make complex material accessible, relevant and engaging. I’ve written for a wide range of outputs including the following:

  • annual reports and reviews
  • marketing materials, including direct donor mailings, brochures, posters
  • websites, blogs, social media
  • newsletters, advertorials, articles and editorials in newspapers and magazines
  • media statements, releases and plans
  • radio, film and customer scripts
  • successful funding bids
  • technical and policy reports
  • speeches
  • training packs
  • interpretation for museums and parks
  • strategies for managing content
  • integrated communications plans
  • Messaging, narrative and brand descriptions